£25 AN HOUR OR £175 A DAY

Our engineers have years of experience behind them live and in the studio, between us we we are confident we can acquire the sound you are looking for.

Our recording room is comfortable and a good size for live recording so we are able to set you up in a room together just like you would be in rehearsal. We can offer separate monitor mixes for each member of the band, our wireless system allows us to be in the room with you whilst you are getting your monitor mix to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. 

We have additional spaces available to completely isolate an instrument and still obtain the live feel. 

Our engineers are musicians in their own right and can help you out with tracking  instruments on your recordings including drums, bass, guitars and percussion included in the day rate. We have a wide range of session musicians available should you need anything else.

Mixing/mastering from £30 for individual tracks.

Discounts may be available for solo musicians, students and ongoing projects.

We also run a small independent label and are able to help you reach a wider audience by realising your material on all major stores including Spoify, iTunes and Google Play. We can help promote your music and approach local radio stations and podcasts.