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Live Sound

LDNR offer a wide range of live sound services having worked in theatre, corporate, music festivals and touring sound. We use Presonus for complete wireless control which allows us to roam our venues and really fill out the room to its best capability.

We have toured the U.K and Europe and provided sound at The Leeds and Reading festival.

Joe Lamb and Paul Finch are both freelance sound engineers for Total Productions, where Paul is the head of the Technical Division. Both tour the U.K throughout the year for various Total Productions shows including; Rock for Heroes, Streisand, Icons and Voodoo Room


LDNR provides hire for any sound needs. We can offer anything from a basic P.A system for your venue or party, to a full front of house rig and separate monitoring system with multiple engineers for your festival up to 2000 capacity.

We can also offer musical equipment hire (drum kits, guitars, amps, keys) tour van/band van hire, videographer hire.

Please get in touch for a tailored quote

BAND Tours

LDNR Studios work closely with Soundcastle Media for Tours & Photography/Videography

Soundcastle provide a great range of tour and single show requirments for bands and artists, combining crew roles and providing high quality services.

Soundcastle’s Services Include;


Experienced & laid back drivers who can cater for your bespoke needs and pitch in with your tour or gig hard work from setting up kit to loading out.

We have a range of vans at our disposal from low cost to luxury.


We can provide digital photos of your shows and life on the road as well as high quality content such as tour vlogs, announcements and performance videos. We can also arrange to bring sound crew and equipment, and arrange for shows to be multitrack recorded live.


Drum kits, microphones & amps! 

We have a variety of brands to rent including Marshall, Mapex and Sennheiser!

Please get in touch to discuss your plans, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!